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Breed History
The Beauceron, also known as Berger de Beauce, or Bas Rouge (red Stockings) is an old (1583) French general purpose herding dog.  Read more at  an excellent resource provided by Elaine Giannelli

My Beaucerons are working dogs.  I do search and rescue work, mostly wilderness and disaster work. I am currently on my third generation of producing dogs for scent work.  Dogs that do this kind of work have to possess very strong nerves as they are required to hunt in many environments from noisy active urban areas to long hours of searching in all kinds of weather in our mountains.  They must be agile and move well to avoid fatique, so conformation must be correct.  They must possess a natural hunt drive and good work ethic that self motivates them to keep hunting for long periods of time.  They must be social and like to interact with people. 

My dogs are from older French working stock of Ring Sport, Pistage and Police dogs.  I have had several generations of good and excellent hips.  Click on their names for pedigrees.

My last owned stud dog used was Pickoui  who was a Grimm’s Lin’s Barouk des Vaillants d’Oslark, Ring I, son, and a Foxy de Chipye, Ring III grandson.  Pickoui is dual registered, AKC DN222756/01 and UKC P584-153  and DNA typed, V535292

His hips were OFA Good, and his Cardiac Ultrasound was normal.  BEU-CA22/103M/C-PI-ECHO 

He also had a CGC and ATTS Temperament Tests.  Pickoui was of the old style, more lupine look of the breed.  He had rock solid nerves and good drives.  There are not many dogs of these lines available and I was very fortunate to have him.  A special thanks to his former owners and to Claudia Batson for putting us together.

Enya des Vieilles Montagnes , RN, BH, CD, ATTS, OFA hips good, thyroid and heart clearances done. she is out of Pickoui and Azah, owned and trained by Annette Sexton,  is working towards her IPO title. She was bred to D’Jerry du Gex d’Emplume, Ring III and had two male pups.

                         Indy                                           Ajax

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Huge Congrats to Annette Sexton for getting a high in trial BH on INDY this weekend with the North East Working Dog Association under German SV Judge, Jakob Meyer, who had never judged a Beauceron before.

Mavrick des Ombres ,Valeureux my foundation sire, Wilderness SAR K9, son of Ce de la Cite des Grands Feux, Ring 3, Selectif 90/91
Rhennie les Chevaliers du Noire, my foundation dam, out of Doc and Mirada, both SAR dogs. She was my Wilderness and Disaster K9 and the mother of several SAR pups
Usvi “AZAH” des Vieilles Montagnes, daughter of Mavrick and Rhennie, wilderness SAR K9 had her first live find at age 10 !
Dusty des Vieilles Montagnes,
HRD K9, owned by Charm Gentry and out of Rhennie and Pickoui
Drago des Vieilles Montagnes, CGC, ATTS
Out of Azah and Pickoui
OFA Excellent Hips
Heart & thyroid clear
Available for stud